Friday most popular day for bank robberies -

Friday most popular day for bank robberies

(KMOV) -- It's Friday. You work at a bank and you're excited about the weekend. Then, a man hands you a note saying he's armed and wants all the money he can carry.

Friday is the biggest day for bank robberies according to the statistics. Banks these days have ways to track their cash if it is stolen, but they focus on safety first by training employees on what to do in case of a hold-up.

Most robbers want to get in and out as quickly as possible. The risk is high, but has obvious benefits. The average take is about $4,000 and typically only $800 is recovered.

That lost money would leave customers on the hook if not for the FDIC, which insures the bank's money just like personal insurance policies. The bank pays the premium, but one banker said some banks may not be passing on the FDIC assessment to the customer in the recent economic struggles.

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