Bike Trail Accidents on Grant's Trail -

Bike Trail Accidents on Grant's Trail

(KMOV) -- Grant's Trail, the bike/runner/walker/rollerblader/parent-with-baby-stroller path has grown by 15% in popularity in the last couple years (the latest figures we have from the St. Louis County Parks are for 2007 to 2009).  Talk to some of the users and they'll tell you it's a greatt trail.  But it can be crowded and that can lead to some problems. 

   Grant's Trail had more than 400,000 usages last year.  Trail users say the vast majority of cyclists are courteous, respectful and show good "trail etiquette"  But some push it when it comes to their speed so they'll get a good work-out.  Some trail users say the cyclists zip in and out and weave through the people on the trail.  Sometimes runners stop running abruptly and pull up and start to walk with little warning.  The result is sometimes a bike vs. runner/walker accident. 

   Numbers-wise the County Parks Department says there are very few accidents.  Statistically speaking the numbers are almost non-existent.  But some trailer users say most of the accidents probably go unreported.  And occasionally there are bad accidents.  There have been at least two in the past month.  Bikers ran over walkers/runners on the path.  One accident injured a woman's back.  The other knocked a woman over, scraped up her knees, elbow, her left side and possibly injured her left cheekbone (the x-rays are unavailable right now). 

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