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Rams win in blockbuster trade deal

(KMOV) -- Members of the Rams' front office should be sent straight to jail because the blockbuster deal with Washington should be considered robbery.

As it appears now, Les Snead and the Rams should be commended for the job they did with the draft pick trade deal; three number one picks, and a second round selection total. 

Although they most likely will not land standout wide receiver Justin Blackmon now, I still believe this is a homerun for St. Louis.  A wide-out isn't the only area where the Rams must improve, so acquiring three first round picks gives them an opportunity to select better players in different areas to help rebuild the franchise.   

This is all well and good for the Rams, but now the pressure to select the RIGHT guy is on them more than ever.  The Rams haven't surfaced the greatest drafts in recent years, but now that Washington gave them future golden opportunities,  Jeff Fisher, Les Snead, and Kevin Demoff can't afford to draft a bust; if they do, this 'homerun' I referred to earlier will be wasted and the organization will continue to stumble. 



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