Manning's next move: Where will start quarterback go? -

Manning's next move: Where will start quarterback go?

(CBS News) - The Peyton Manning sweepstakes is officially under way.

A few hours after his career with the Indianapolis Colts ended Wednesday, the star quarterback arrived in Florida, where he has a home - and one possible suitor.

The Miami Dolphins are one of several teams said to have interest in signing Manning.

In an emotional news conference Wednesday, Manning said he leaves Indianapolis with nothing but good thoughts.

"Thank you very much, from the bottom of my heart," Manning said, choking up. "I truly have enjoyed being your quarterback."

Sports Illustrated Senior Writer Peter King says Manning "is such a control freak that he doesn't tear up. You know, he just gets the job done. That's why it stunned me" to see him like that.

And CBS Sports NFL analyst Bill Cowher, a former head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers, says Manning "knows his strength is back right now. He's talked about his throwing and his workouts. I think all indications are that the strength is back.

"(But) until he takes a hit, until he gets in there in the middle of a game, we aren't going to know what the long-term ramifications are of these four surgeries. So, I think there's a lot of questions still out there about that. But right now, his health is very good."

As Manning courts and is courted by teams, many other factors are in play, King and Cowher say. And money is hardly the only one. Among the others: the chances of his new team winning a Super Bowl, and his new town's climate.

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