Twitter account that leaked Lindenwood students' info removed -

Twitter account that leaked Lindenwood students' info removed

ST. CHARLES, Missouri -- A Twitter account that published personal information of more than 180 Lindenwood University students has been taken down.

Around 5:30 p.m. on Monday, someone posted records of students who were on academic suspension on the Twitter account "@Lindenleaks"

The posts included names, grades and cell phone numbers.

School officials and police are still working hard to find the person responsible. They don't think it was a case of someone hacking from the outside.

"Based on what we discovered, right now we don't believe anyone accessed Lindenwood's network from the outside," said  Lt. Chris Mateja with the St. Charles County Cyber Unit. "We believe this was someone inside the university itself. Lindenwood University is conducting an internal investigation as to how the information was breached and we want  to make sure it doesn't happen again "

The account was shut down just after midnight Wednesday. Police are confident they can solve the case in a matter of weeks.


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