Shelby Miller to get first start in the Majors -

Shelby Miller to get first start in the Majors

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(Baseball StL) -- The Cards hit the road again in their third Grapefruit League game of 2012.  They’re in Viera to take on the Nationals. So far, the Redbirds are 0-2 and will send out this lineup to face the Nats:

Eugenio Velez - LF

Daniel Descalso - 3B

Jon Jay - CF

Matt Adams - 1B

Tyler Greene - 2B

Zack Cox - DH

Bryan Anderson - C

Alex Cora - SS

Eric Komatsu - RF

Shelby Miller makes his first ever start in big league spring training games.  Jason Motte, Lance Lynn, Tyrell Jenkins and others are on the list to pitch in relief.

What to watch for today?  How about one of the top prospects in all of baseball and undoubtedly the top prospect in the Cardinals system getting a chance to impress the coaching staff.  That would be Shelby Miller.  From the day he was drafted in the 1st round back in 2009 out of high school in Texas he has been billed as a potential star with a top-of-the-line fastball.  Miller has done nothing but prove that assessment to be correct.  He’s going to spend the vast majority of this season in AAA and could see St. Louis in September.  Either way, he’s in line to take Kyle Lohse’s spot in the major league rotation in 2013. 

Miller has a dynamite fastball and an improving curveball and changeup.  He doesn’t get bothered by the attention or the hype.  He knows how good he is but he doesn’t let it get to his head.  His ability has allowed the Cardinals to have flexibility in their payroll knowing they’ll have him at a cost controlled salary for a few seasons.

Matt Adams will make another start today as the cleanup hitter and 1st baseman.  Adams hit a towering grand slam yesterday against the Mets and showed the type of power that he is capable of.  Watch for Adams today, and in the future, try and show a little bit more patience at the plate.  The one big knock on him (other than his mobility) is he does not take enough walks.  As a power hitter you need to have the patience at the plate to draw some walks and have a high on-base percentage.  Adams still expands his zone a little too much in trying to be aggressive.  If he can raise his OBP to, say, .375 he will be much more valuable to the Cardinals in the future.  Especially with Lance Berkman on a one-year deal and a free agent after the season.

Once again Tyler Greene gets the start at 2nd base while Daniel Descalso starts at 3rd.  Greene, Descalso and Skip Schumaker are all battling for time at 2nd baseball and the fact Greene is making the starts there might say a little something about the opportunity he is getting.  Descalso getting time at 3rd base gets him in the lineup, sure, but they know he can do that.  He did it last year and was in consideration for the Gold Glove.  Will he get chances at 2nd base?  Time will tell.

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Brian Feldman, News 4 Sports


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