DIY Pennant Banners -

DIY Pennant Banners

Upcycled fabric (add some "green" to your project by using upcycled fabrics like discontinued upholstery samples, upcycled clothing, curtains, etc.)
Fusible interfacing - Pellon Craft Fuse 808
Pinking Shears
Glue Gun
Fabric Glue for appliqués

Basic Demonstration Instructions:
1. Create a pennant template pattern from heavy weight paper. For this banner, our six pennants measured 6-inches wide x 8-inches tall with a 1-inch gluing flap.  You can make these banners any size and any length.
2. Trace around the pattern with a pencil on the matte side of the fusible interfacing.  Trace as many pennants as you wish to include on your banner. 
3. Cut each pennant piece out of the fusible interfacing with scissors.
4. Iron the fusible side (shiny side) to the backside of the fabric you wish to use in your banner.  The interfacing will add "body" to the banner.
5. Using the ironed interfacing as your pattern, cut each pennant piece out of the fabric. In this example we cut the pennant out with a pinking shear, creating a decorative edge. A straight edge fabric scissor can be used.
6. Fold the 1-inch top in half, creating a  ½-inch pocket to secure the ribbon. Place a thin bead of hot glue along the fold and place the ribbon in the fold. Do this for each pennant as you line them up on the ribbon.
7. You can add appliqués to the pennants if you would like to add an extra touch of style.  Iron the same fusible interfacing onto the appliqué fabric, cut out your desired shape, and glue onto the pennant with fabric glue.

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