Illinois tornado survivors brace for more storms -

Illinois tornado survivors brace for more storms

HARRISBURG, Ill. (AP) -- Relatives of tornado victims in southern Illinois are bracing for another storm system as they pick through the rubble of their loved ones' homes.
Darrell Osman's mother was among six people killed by the tornado that leveled whole blocks in Harrisburg. He said Thursday that it is frustrating to hear more storms are predicted. Osman was searching for his mother's belongings and he fears possessions exposed by the first storm could be ruined by rain.
Osman says he thinks he's been hit as hard as he can be hit, but that another strong storm would be disheartening for the whole community.
The National Weather Service says severe storms are expected to roll through the region again after midnight Thursday and linger into Friday, possibly bringing hail, rain and more tornados.

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