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Police: Meth ring operating out of St. Charles scooter shop

(KMOV) -- Police have uncovered high tech surveillance cameras, loaded weapons and thousands of dollars inside a St. Charles County business.
They call the owner of a scooter shop a major player in the drug game.  Neighbors are relieved he's locked up, but customers of the legit side of the business found themselves caught in the middle.
Customers showed up to Brad's Scooters only to find that police had shut it down.  One customer says he had already paid $1,500 for a 4-wheeler, but, Brad's in jail and they're out of luck -- for now.  Police say the business was hiding a meth lab inside.
Police believe Brad Gelber was the money man for a big meth-making ring in St. Charles County.  He and Thomas Scurlock, Chantel Harshbarger, Jeffrey Runyon and Thomas Runyon were all busted Friday night when police took down three different meth labs.
Drug Task Force investigators say they found meth cooking inside the office at Gelber's scooter shop, along with loaded guns and $1,900 cash.  High-end security cameras and a microphone system kept a 24-hour watch on the shop.
"That was a high-tech business for him," St. Charles Police Chief Dennis Corley said.  "It can be very scary; the threat of the weapons and drugs involved."
Neighbors told me that they had no clue what was brewing behind business doors.
"Had that exploded it very easily could have hit any of these houses on this street," Becky Coffey, who lives behind the shop, said.  "That's scary."
Police also raided an apartment in rural north St. Charles County.  When officers confronted Scurlock and Harshbarger, who were allegedly making meth there, they say the couple turned violent.
"[Scurlock] actually had a trained dog that he released on our investigators when they were on scene," Chief Corley said.  And court documents show that Harshbarger punched an officer in the chest.
The officers are O.K., but they shot and killed the dog.
Drug investigators say these busts took down a high-level player.  Gelber and the four others are each jailed on a $100, 000, cash-only bond that must be in the defendant's name, which means they have to put up their own money to get out of jail.

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