That's a stretch: NYC hosts yoga pose competition -

That's a stretch: NYC hosts yoga pose competition

NEW YORK (AP) -- The judges will be watching: Were the competitor's knees locked? Were the wrists bent? Were the forehead and knees not connected? Those are point killers.

Perfect poses is what the National Yoga Asana Championship, planned for March 2-4 in New York, is seeking. Participants must do a series of yoga poses in three minutes. Five of those poses are compulsory and judges will be looking closely for mistakes.

Yoga pose competitions take place in India, where yoga originated, and elsewhere around the world.

USA Yoga, which is sponsoring the competition, wants to see the yoga asana, or posture, competition, become an Olympic sport.

It says the national winners in New York will take part in an international competition in June in Los Angeles.

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