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Text message service promises Walmart gift card

(KMOV) -- We all get text messages we don't want. A St. Louis man got one offering a $100 dollar Wal-mart gift card for a $2.00 fee.

He asked me to check it out, then this morning an employee here at News 4 got a similar text - another free offer that isn't free.  

“It was offering me a $50 gift card and this number to call.” 

Most days Eric Lorenz works in our web center, posting stories about the scams I tackle on News 4. This morning he showed me this text message.  

“It was a 866 number which I’m always suspicious of stuff like that.”  

I called the number, and got this recorded message.

“Thanks for calling Shoppers Edge.”  

To get the gift card all I needed to was press one. And an automatic $9.99 charge would appear on my phone bill.

Then I called another number given to me by a News 4 viewer from a text with a similar offer. I could barely understand the person who answered.   

“How do I know once I pay you this card is going to show up in the mail.” 

The person on the other end wanted my credit card, promised they would only charge $2.95 and I would get my 100 dollar Wal-mart gift card.

$ 2.95 for a $100 worth of gift cards it almost sounds like a bad business model hard to stay in business if you were truly doing that.  

I was told they can do that because they are in the promotions business, and they are promoting new services. They told me they were in the United States, but when pushed they couldn't name a state.

The best thing to do with these offers is just hit delete. 

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