Thief targets woman in mall fitting room -

Thief targets woman in mall fitting room

A woman, changing clothes in the dressing room of the Hollister store in the St. Louis Galleria, became a victim of theft.

The woman says a man reached under the door while she changed and grabbed her purse from under a pile of clothing at her feet.

Richmond Heights Police say Hollister security saw the man run from the store and followed him to a parking garage.  Security caught the suspect and contacted police.

"A case like this is very, very unusual," said Detective Sgt. Doug Schaeffler. 

Sgt. Schaeffler said thieves usually steal personal property when the victim steps away from it.  That wasn't the case this time.

The suspect is 16 years old and was turned over to juvenile authorities, according to police. 

The victim said that when she got her purse back, at least 60 dollars in cash was missing.  Police said they found some cash in the suspect's pockets, but not the exact amount reported by the victim.

"Until we have some sort of solid proof, We can't just take the money out of his pocket and say ok, it's yours," said Sgt. Schaeffler.

Police say it's possible the courts may decide the suspect has to repay the amount - if he is found guilty.


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