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Local authorities cracking down on road rage after incident involving gun

ST. CHARLES, Mo. (KMOV) – The Missouri Highway Patrol is cracking down on aggressive driving as troopers gear up for Labor Day.

Road rage is nothing new and not uncommon. But sometimes the raised voice, fist, or finger in the air goes to the next level.

“You never know if you’re doing that to somebody’s who just going to let it roll off their back or if somebody’s going to escalate it,” said driver Melissa Doss.

That’s exactly what happened in St. Peters on July 31 during a minor fender bender at the intersection of Jungermann Road and McClay.

One of the men involved pulled a gun. He later told police he believed his life was in danger. The man on the other end of the gun felt the same way.

That’s why law enforcement is cracking down in preparation for the Labor Day weekend.

“If you travel all the way through the metro St. Louis area on 44 or 70, you’re going to see a trooper every 20 minutes,” said Missouri Highway Patrol Sgt. Al Nothum.

And what if you do find yourself in a tense situation?

Authorities say to back off, avoid eye contact and keep moving. And if you’re the one with the weapon, always think twice.

“When you pull a gun on someone you need to be very, very careful,” said Nothum. “You need to reserve that for when you think your life is seriously threatened.”

The St. Peters case has been turned over to the prosecuting attorney’s office.

The conceal and carry laws in Missouri allow drivers to have a loaded gun within reach inside their vehicles.

That’s something to always be aware of when on the road.

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