Protesters boo top Democrats at Ill. State Fair -

Protesters boo top Democrats at Ill. State Fair

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. -- Gov. Pat Quinn faced an avalanche of boos from union protesters when he spoke at the Illinois State Fair.

Some protesters shouted “Liar!” at the Democratic governor. Others chanted, “Respect Illinois workers.”

Quinn spoke only 2 ½ minutes before leaving the stage Wednesday. He said taxpayers support his efforts to cut labor costs and get rid of what he calls a “pension piggybank” for state employees.

Union members are angry because they made concessions to help the state save money and then Quinn canceled raises guaranteed by their contract. They also object to his plans to cut jobs and reduce retirement benefits.

House Speaker Michael Madigan and Lt. Gov. Sheila Simon were also booed during “Governor’s Day” at the fair.

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