Megabus lawsuit claims negligence based on witness statements to media -

Megabus lawsuit claims negligence based on witness statements to media

ST. LOUIS ( -- A lawsuit makes strong claims against Megabus in the August 2 crash that killed a woman and injured several others. 

Clifford Law Offices of Chicago filed the lawsuit on behalf of 19 year old Jamie Shultz claiming she’s suffering emotional distress.  The accusations include Megabus didn’t maintain the bus properly, the driver was driving too fast, and Megabus failed to properly train the driver.

News 4 asked the attorney handling the case for the basis for those accusations.

“Based on the accounts that have been given in the media of a blown out tire,” said Mike Krzak of Clifford Law Offices.  “And the statements the people that were on the bus.  It appears there was a blown out tire that led to this.  And the bus should have tires in safe enough condition to get it there with 80 passengers.”

News 4 also asked the basis for the lawsuit’s claim that Megabus failed to train employees.

“The tire blew out and (the bus driver) ended up in the median,” said Krzak.  “And lost control of the bus and continued to lose control until it hit a concrete embankment.”

News 4 talked to several passengers immediately following the crash.  Several said that the tire blew out on the bus.

“I was kind of dozing off and I heard a tire blowing off, boom, boom, boom,” said Zaq Hall.  Hall says he knows what the blown tire sounds like because his Megabus trip days earlier had a blown tire.  In that case the driver was able to pull over to the side of the road safely.

Some passengers commended the driver for keeping the Megabus from tipping over.

“It kind of felt like the bus was going to tip,” said Megan Arns of St. Chalres.  “And (the driver) eventually regained control and was

able to keep it upright.”

In response to the lawsuit Megabus sent News 4 a statement that didn’t address the lawsuit.  Instead it said the Megabus staff is “deeply saddened by the incident” and “we will continue to lend our support to this investigation.”

Krzak said their experts will examine the bus in the next 6 days.  Megabus has 30 days to respond to the lawsuit.  Defendants include Megabus USA and the driver.  Power, Rogers and Smith law firm says it has filed two lawsuits in Cook County.  One on behalf of passenger Mary Jane Klein and her two sons and the other on behalf of passenger Lewis Vaughn IV.


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