Blue Financial's Cleon Williamson sentenced to prison -

Blue Financial's Cleon Williamson sentenced to prison

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By Eric Lorenz By Eric Lorenz

ST. LOUIS (KMOV) -- A News 4 investigation into one St. Louis area businessman guy exposed a big rip-off.

Now a judge is pulling the plug on the man who some of his former customers call: Mr. Excuses.

When News 4’s Chris Nagus confronted Cleon Williamson before his court appearance about repaying his former clients, all Williamson had to say was “No comment.”

In the past he made promises to his customers but they tell us he never stayed true to his word.

Nikole Jasper wanted to buy a house, so she called Cleon’s company Blue Financial hoping to secure a loan.  After paying Cleon more than $7,000 she had no house and no loan.

“It was a bunch of stories, the run around” said Jasper.

So she took Cleon to court, but he did not show up at the court date.

Abdul Matin also took Cleon to court after Cleon took money for a loan, but failed to deliver, now Matin’s out more than $1,300. Another area woman, Kathryn Coon, also lost money on a Cleon deal

As News 4 discovered, it turns out Cleon’s on probation for felony check writing and owes more than $30,000 in restitution in that case.

His probation officer admits tracking Cleon’s whereabouts, and exactly what he’s doing to make money is tough.   She testified in court that she has “never actually received proof of employment.”

On August 2, Cleon took the stand to explain why his probation shouldn’t be revoked for failing to pay restitution in his bad check fiasco.

The prosecutor asked Cleon what banks he uses to secure loans. One was out of business - then all of the sudden Cleon got amnesia. He testified “I can’t remember the other one.”

Cleon also stated on the stand that he was “robbing Peter to pay Paul.”

Ted House, a circuit judge in St. Charles County was not playing around at the hearing.

House stated “I believe the court is out of options for you … it is the judgment and sentence of the court that you be confined in an institution for four years.”

As it turns out Maplewood police saw our first investigation and actually showed up to the courthouse to give Cleon a summons for operating a business without a permit and for driving without a license.

The officer told News 4’s Chris Nagus those summons will be waiting for Cleon when he gets out of prison.

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