Eureka woman tries to track down repairman, says he's dodging contact after payment -

Eureka woman tries to track down repairman, says he's dodging contact after payment

EUREKA, Mo. ( A Eureka woman’s frustration is growing because of an appliance repairman. A month and half after her dryer was supposedly fixed, she says it’s still not working. She’s out almost $700. So, she called Colombo for help.

Donna Kropp says her double decker dryer still isn’t drying clothes despite a late June service call to Bill Mitchell of Lesco Appliance and Repair.

"I went away feeling this was going to be done in a couple days when the parts came in,” Kropp said. 

When the new parts came in, Bill Mitchell replaced these old ones, but Kropp says the same problem continued and so have the excuses. Kropp says Mitchell breaks appointments and gives her the runaround.

"He’s even chosen the date and time to come and he never shows up,” she said.

News 4 showed up looking for Mitchell at a Granite City address listed for Lesco Appliance and Repair. The business was closed. News 4 called Mitchell and got this:

“Thank you for calling Mitchell’s Appliance Repair. If you would please leave your name, number and a brief message and we’ll get back to you at our earliest convenience.” 

Notice the answering machine said "Mitchell’s Appliance Repair. Well, Bill Mitchell’s former business partner says Lesco Appliance Repair went out of business last Friday and Mitchell is now running his own company.

The man also told News 4 he is aware of Donna Kropp’s situation and plans on having a serviceman from another company come check out her dryer.

But Kropp says she is more focused on getting her money back.

"I could’ve had a new dryer," she said. "Really, the only reason why I didn’t want two is because it’s a two part dryer. The top part does special things the bottom does regular, traditional, tumble dry. It was worth it. I never dreamed of calling a repair person and having it go on like this.”

News 4 will continue to try to find Bill Mitchell, and will follow up on this story. 

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