Some officials push for fine-based water conservation order in St. Charles -

Some officials push for fine-based water conservation order in St. Charles

ST. CHARLES, Mo. (KMOV) – Residents in St. Charles remain under a voluntary water conservation order. But now city leaders want the option to make that mandatory.

St. Charles City Councilman Mike Klinghammer sponsors the ordinance he calls “Proactive.” He says it’s about safety.

“We couldn’t mandate that people stop watering their lawns, even to the point where water pressure drops to the point of a public safety issue,” said Klinghammer.

If the ordinance passes and the city enacts the mandatory order, residents could be asked to close down their car wash, stop watering lawns filling pools.

Residents who do not comply will get a knock on the door, then a written notice. If they still do not list, the city could shut off their water.

“In the event that it meant we couldn’t fight a fire, absolutely I think it’s the appropriate thing to do,” said Klinghammer.

Klinghammer says the city must have enough water in the event of a huge fire.

Born and raised in St. Charles, Ryan Pickering likes the idea.

“It could be my home on fire, you want to make sure you have enough water,” he said. “If you’re told to stop watering your yard and you don’t do it- shut it off!”

But not everyone agrees, citing medical issues and other conditions that require water access no matter what.

“It’s a bad idea because you’re getting so over humid and stuff, how are you going to drink something?” asked resident Danielle Pearson.

The fine structure of the ordinance is pretty generic, but the maximum amount is $500.

A judge would determine the exact amount.

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