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Feldman: Rams get off on wrong foot

(Football StL) -- Well, that was fun.  Or not. 

I don’t care if you’re the eternal optimist or pessimist with regards to Rams football...but that 38-3 drubbing at the hands of the Colts in the preseason opener should not sit well with anyone.

There wasn’t a single area of the game the Rams outplayed the Colts.  Not one.  Indianapolis won in the score column—obviously—in addition to outgaining St. Louis 430 yards to 215 in total offense.  That broke down to 314 to 147 in the passing game and 116 yards to just 68 rushing. 

The Colts had fewer penalties, fewer turnovers (in fact they had none versus the Rams 2) and was much better on converting third downs.

News 4 Sports Director and Rams play-by-play voice Steve Savard said it best on Sports Sunday last night.  Jeff Fisher is about as competitive of a guy as you’re going to find and he doesn’t care if this was just a meaningless preseason game.  That one stung.

So for all the fans out there who are saying this means nothing and what happens in exhibition play is irrelevant...I disagree with that.  Results don’t mean a whole lot in preseason NFL games (I think we all learned this last year when the Rams went a perfect 4-0).  But the execution that leads to those results do matter.

If the Rams had executed a well played game and lost, no one would have cared.  But this wasn’t a well played game.

QB Sam Bradford was under pretty heavy pressure—what else is new—and the starting offense moved the football but had multiple drives stall.  There were penalties.  There were missed assignments.  Missed blocks.  The list goes on. 

No, this is not “here we go again” with Rams football.  It’s way too early for that. 

But this was not a good start to the 2012 season.


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