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Olympics will close with a thunderous party

LONDON (AP) -- The feats of athleticism are just about done but London is getting set to bend over backwards one last time to throw a huge Olympics-closing party.
The curtain comes down today on the two-week festival of sports with a thunderous celebration of British music, from the classical compositions of Elgar to the classic rock of The Who.
Artistic director Kim Gavin promises "the best after-show party that's ever been."
There'll be plenty of fireworks and colored lights, acrobats, gymnasts, drummers, supermodels and other surprises.
The 10,800 Olympic athletes will march in as one and form what Gavin has described as a human mosh pit on the field. Queen Elizabeth will be on hand.
Eight minutes have been turned over to Brazil, host of the 2016 Rio Games, which promises an explosion of samba, sequins and Latin cool.

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