Machine malfunction leads to parking ticket for military wife -

Machine malfunction leads to parking ticket for military wife

ST. LOUIS (KMOV) -- Ask the families of our service men and woman and they'll tell you sadness, nervousness and uncertainty are just a few of the emotions felt when a loved one deploys. 

An O’Fallon, Illinois woman adds anger to that list after receiving what she considered to be an unfair parking ticket after coming downtown for her husband’s send off to basic training.

After saying "I do" on July 14, Kelsey Perrine said goodbye to her new husband just ten days later.

"It was our last day that we were going to get to see each other. he was going to swear into the army and then we'd get to say goodbye,” said Perrine.

The goodbye happened inside the Robert A. Young federal building on Spruce, but paying to park in this adjacent lot owned by Central Parking proved problematic for Kelsey.

"You try to pay and you have no luck...I made a really decent effort in good faith," she said. "I stood there for about 10 minutes and tried over and over, but it wouldn't work.”

News 4 cameras recorded a man swipe his card three times on the same machine Kelsey struggled with before it finally worked.

Parking should have cost Kelsey eight dollars. Instead, she received a 58 dollar ticket.

“The people who were working at the lot made it pretty clear to you there were issues with the machine in the past," said Perrine. "They made it pretty clear this was a regular occurance and they seemed to make a joke out of it more than anything. It didn't seem like a serious matter to them."

News 4 took Kelsey's case to Central Parking's office inside the Laclede Gas building.

A representative from Central Parking told News 4 the company is offering Kelsey a full refund and apologized for the inconvenience. The company does stand behind its machines and says issues are electronically reported and dealt with promptly by on-site staff.

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