Parkway school buses to battle construction for start of school -

Parkway school buses to battle construction for start of school

CHESTERFIELD, Mo ( -- Thousands of Parkway students will encounter a lot of road construction when they return to class next week.

Woods Mill Road is still closed south of the Parkway Central campus, along the new stretch of 141 north of Ladue.

Parkway says it’s working on a plan to make sure its 140 buses don’t get stuck in traffic.

For starters, buses will have to leave this depot about 15 minutes earlier in the morning for the next week or two. 

Pick-up times, however, won’t be affected.

MoDOT was trying to have work wrapped up in time for the start of school next Tuesday, but it informed the district the work might not be completed before then.

The road project affects all Central students, whether or not they take the bus. The intersection with 141 at Parkway Central High School is closed, and the Central High and middle schools can only be accessed from the north.

Not only are buses leaving earlier, they’re using different roads.

“We’ve had to re-draw some of the bus routes, because they can’t exit here to the south,” said Parkway Communications Director Paul Tandy. “Now, we think in the next week or two, three weeks, that will be opened up. And then we’ll be back to normal again. In fact, it will be even better because this will be an outer road.”

Tomorrow the 148 buses will go through a dry run to test out the traffic patterns.

The district has been working closely with MoDOT, and MoDOT has adjusted stoplights on Woodsmill to ensure maximum traffic flow.

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