Mars rover being followed by thousands on Twitter -

Mars rover being followed by thousands on Twitter

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PASADENA, CA ( -- The NASA rover Curiosity continues to send pictures back from Mars. Not only is the rover sending back photos but it is also sending out tweets about them.

Curiosity has its very own Twitter account and those at NASA running it continues to use clever tweets to show the public what the rover has found on the Martian surface.

"Area 51? No, Quad 51 is where I landed on Mars. Here's a map of Gale crater. (PS - I come in peace). #MSL"

The account currently has over 900,000 followers. The Mars rover landed on the red planet on Aug. 5. Curiosity will be on Mars for two years to analyze rocks and soil from Mars to see if conditions ever exitisted on planet that were suitable for life. On Thursday it returned the first 360-degree panaroma of Gale Crater.

You can follow Curoisity on Twitter at: @MarsCuriosity

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