Metro-East man charged $1,100 to get stolen car back -

Metro-East man charged $1,100 to get stolen car back

CAHOKIA, Ill. (KMOV) – A Cahokia man with a bad stretch of luck is in outrage after being faced with a tow bill he says was ridiculous.

Ted Albert says the past few months have been a nightmare.

The last week of June, his wife’s purse and car keys were stolen outside their Cahokia home. A couple days later, their 1995 Toyota Camry was stolen from the driveway.

To make matters worse, Albert’s air-conditioner was stolen from the side of his house.

“That cost $1,300,” said Albert.

Albert filed a police report for the car the first week of July, but had not heard anything until last week.

Someone from Schreiber Towing called saying his car was found abandoned on July 17. The city of Cahokia requested they tow it to their lot. To get it back would cost him $1,100

“$1,100 was quite a lot to me,” Albert said. “I wasn’t going to put up any $1,100.”

Ted says he was told the car no longer had any wheels, had a shattered windshield and was missing the catalytic convertor.

News 4 contacted Schreiber Towing, but the company declined an interview.

But a Schreiber employee they’ve called the Albert’s several times and the amount owed has gone up as the car continued to sit on their lot.

He also said they try to work with people to resolve payment issues.

Not long after News 4 had left the low, someone from Schreiber Towing called Albert to let him know it would only cost $300 to get his car back.

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