Tips: How to start training like an Olympian -

Tips: How to start training like an Olympian

LONDON -- The Olympic Games feature athletes with chiseled bodies and incredible talents in the water and on land - but how did they reach this peak of their abilities?

Maybe you’ve asked yourself, “What does it take to look and perform like that?” Many of the athletes have said that a lot of exercises they do, are things almost anyone can do.

Some of the athletes on Team USA, who are sponsored by 24 Hour Fitness, shared their favorite exercises to keep in shape.

“I think the great thing about the exercises that the athletes showed us, is that it's a complete body work-out,” said 24-Hour Fitness Manager Elizabeth Londen. She’s seen a lot of people coming into the club lately, asking how they can train like the Olympic athletes.

“We love that people want to come in here, and it's definitely a busy time, full of high-energy and spirit,” Londen said.

Julie Klopf, 44, showed up to the gym, inspired by the athletes she’s seen on T.V. “Well you just see what excellent shape they’re in and it really motivates you, too,” she said. “I watch for 20 minutes and you just want to get up off the couch, and you know, go out and run a few miles.”

Londen showed Klopf three different exercises that Olympic Beach Volleyball player, Kerri Walsh does to stay in shape. The exercises included a trunk rotation to build her core, the use of a stability ball for her core and rotator cuffs, and a single leg dead lift to work her lower body.

More of the favorite exercises used by Kerri Walsh and other Olympic Athletes are explained on the 24 Hour Fitness website.

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