Nonprofit football club hopes to outsmart thieves -

Nonprofit football club hopes to outsmart thieves

ALTON, Il. (KMOV) -- A nonprofit youth football club says it can now afford to replace football equipment that was stolen over the summer.

An aluminum blocking chute was chained to a goal post at Gordon Moore Park in Alton. Coaches believe thieves cut up the chute and sold the metal for scrap. The equipment was worth about $500 and coaches struggled with the financial hit.

"That's registration for five kids. That's five kids I can't give scholarships to," Darrell Angleton told News 4 in June.

Since then, donors have stepped up with the money to replace the equipment with a 450 pound iron chute.

"This would have less value for scrap and its a lot heavier. It'd take them an hour to take it apart," said Angleton.

The new equipment costs over $2,000 dollars. Angleton equates that to 20 scholarships for low income children, who wouldn't have been able to play.

"You're not stealing from some corporation or park. You're stealing from kids who are out here to play," said Angleton.

Dawn Cawvey's 11 year old son plays with help from a scholarship. She said he would have been "devestated" if he couldn't stay on the team.

"Some of these kids live for it, like my son, he just lives for football."

The Renegades say the owner of Lost Tres Amigos Mexican Restaurant pledged more than $1,500. Other businesses, including Nautilus and Liberty Bank, hosted a kickball tournament to raise another $750.

"Otherwise, it would have been very difficult for us to do this. There would have been some kids who wouldn't have been able to play or we would have put them on waiting lists," said Angleton.

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