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Police investigate rash of break-ins at some of U City's largest homes

UNIVERSITY CITY, Mo. (KMOV) – Police are investigating a series of burglaries at some of the largest homes in University City.

Police said thieves have been targeting several homes in University City named after actually universities, like Princeton, Stanford and Cornell. The streets contain some of the nicest and largest homes in the area, according to police,

Police said residents were even home during two of the most recent home burglaries.

In at least three of crimes, burglars got in through an unlocked or open window. Police said thieves also look for easy targets, like signs that no one is home or houses without alarm systems.

Authorities are asking for neighbors to help them identify people who do not belong on their street.

“A lot of times people aren’t reporting when they see suspicious activity; random people coming up to your door, knocking on your door for various things that you don’t expect but you don’t report it,” said University City Police Capt. Mike Ransom. “It helps a lot. We like people to report any type of suspicious activity in your neighborhood.”

University City police on Thursday arrested a man they say broke into a woman’s house while she was there.

Police credit her with helping them find him.

They think the man, identified as Matvey Kovalenko, might also be responsible for some of the more recent break-ins.


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