Savard: Monday leftovers - Cardinals and Rams -

Savard: Monday leftovers - Cardinals and Rams

(News 4 Sports) -- The Cardinals showed plenty this weekend by sweeping the Brewers. Chasing down the Reds for the division title might be a long shot but there's no reason Mike Matheny's team can't claim one of the two wild card spots available. Getting Jaime Garcia back will help. That should happen soon. The Pirates, Braves and Dodgers are not juggernauts. The Cardinals are capable.

So how did the Rams look Saturday? Hard to tell... scrimmages aren't what they used to be. That's not meant as a criticism. It's reality. There is very little live football scrimmaging outside of pre-season games these days. Sunday gives us our first real glimpse of "real football." They'll tackle and keep score. I can't wait. You can hear our call on 101 ESPN at 12:30. Our great--and I mean great--pre-game show opens at 9:30.

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