Sketch released of fake cop who pulled woman over, kissed her in -

Sketch released of fake cop who pulled woman over, kissed her in Shrewsbury

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By Belo Content KMOV By Belo Content KMOV

SHREWSBURY, Mo. (KMOV) -- Police have released a composite sketch of a fake cop who pulled over and kissed a woman before letting her go in Shrewsbury on Monday.

Police said the victim was driving north on Shrewsbury at Murdoch around 9 p.m. when the suspect pulled up behind her with his lights flashing.

Authorities said she stopped and told the man she had gotten a ticket for a burned out headlight moments earlier.

Police said the suspect then kissed the woman on the cheek and tried to kiss her on the lips. According to police, he told her she will pay enough for the headlight ticket and let her go.

Authorities have been trying to figure out the man’s identity.

“...It’s kind of frustrating. On our end until we find out who exactly this individual is who pulled this woman over on the second stop, it’s hard to say what his motives were and who he was employed by or if employed by anybody at all,” Lt. Brian Catlett with the Shrewsbury Police Department.

Police said the man was driving a white Chevy Impala, similar to what police use.  It was unmarked but had red and blue flashing lights in the front window.

Authorities said they do not believe the suspect has pulled anyone else over. They interviewed the victim again and are following up on some good leads.

Authorities said the suspect is white, looks like he’s in his 20s, five-foot tall and about 185 pounds. He has blonde hair with a flat top.

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