Parent concerned for kid's safety over St. Charles church's homeless program -

Parent concerned for kid's safety over St. Charles church's homeless program

ST. CHARLES, Mo. ( -- A woman in St. Charles pulled her child out of a church-run preschool after she found out it also welcomes in homeless and transient people during the same hours.

The preschool program is held at First United Methodist Church on First Capitol Drive. 

The church also runs a program called Showers of Blessing, which gives the homeless a place to shower and eat a hot meal.  It operates in the basement, just down the hall from the preschool, where 30 infants and toddlers are in classrooms at any given time.

Concerned mother Lindsey Boyle said it’s a great program, but wanted to know who’s looking out for the children.

The preschool director says there has never been an incident. But Boyle says she thinks it’s too risky and they should not be waiting for something to happen before they make the situation safer.

She says preschool rooms are not locked and that everyone on the floor uses the same bathrooms. She also said each child’s picture, name and home address is on posters outside the classroom door, which is accessible info to anyone walking down the hallway.

Senior Pastor Rev. Robin Roderick disagrees. She told News 4 one is ever allowed to roam the basement hallways, and that participants in the Showers of Blessings program are always escorted. She says there are separate bathrooms and participants do not use the same facilities as the preschool students.

Roderick said the issue came up a few years ago, so they evaluated their security status and put things in place to ensure everyone inside the building is safe.

She says the homeless people are escorted at all times and they are kept in certain contained areas. 

Roderick also said the doors have a keypad code, so random people cannot go in and out without the code.

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