Rockwood school board: Closed-session meetings 'more productive' -

Rockwood school board: Closed-session meetings 'more productive'

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By Dan Mueller By Dan Mueller
By Dan Mueller By Dan Mueller

( -- The Rockwood Board of Education used several closed-session meetings to elect interim superintendent Dr. Terry Adams, at a time when some parents have called for more transparency from district leaders.

Bill Brown, president of the board, said closed-session meetings can be "more productive" than those open to the public.

"I think what you are is less guarded...which makes you more productive," said Brown.

Eileen Tyrell, spokesperson for Rockwood School District stakeholders, questioned the idea of making decisions behind closed doors.

"You have to be out there, out in the open, putting your point of view so the taxpayers can feel assured their money is being cared for," said Tyrell.

But Brown said closed-session meetings put board members at ease, which in turn speeds up the decision-making process.

"That's why you do it in closed session, not because you're trying to do anything sinister, but because it can be more relaxed and then you come out in public and everybody in Rockwood is going to know how you voted," he said.

The Rockwood School District came under increased scrutiny after a recent state audit. The audit found the district overpaid a construction company more than a $1 million for projects.

Brown said when selecting a permanent superintendent, the public will be more involved.

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