Residents wait more than 10 months to return after fire, say rep -

Residents wait more than 10 months to return after fire, say repair work shoddy and incomplete

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By John Bailey By John Bailey

( -- More than 10 months after fire destroyed several condos in St. Charles some residents are still out of their homes.

The residents say the property manager continues to push back the move-in date and give them the run around.

Management originally told residents they would be moved in by Tanksgiving of 2012. While some are still waiting to return home, others who have been able to move back in say the repair work is shoddy and incomplete.

For Debra Jahnke and her husband, the fire in their condo building last July was scary enough. But the 10 months since then spent living in a hotel room have been an even bigger struggle.

“You could have built a brand new house in 10 months from the ground up,” she said.

Scott Collins moved in back in in March and says the work on his condo is far from finished.

“Oh I’m not happy,” he said. “I had a nice condo here.”

News 4 called the property manager for Heritage Landing, Sheila Miller, but she would not agree to an on camera interview.

She did say they hoped to get everyone back in by the end of 2012 but blames an old building and slow construction process  for the delay.

According to Miller, all residents should be back within the next week..

But Collins are Jankhe still aren’t sure how things will look by the time the one year anniversary of the fire rolls around..

“This is my home,” said Collins. “And the walls and paint and everythign is worse than it was before the fire.”

Miller said she would ask the homeowners association if they would make someone availble for an interview.

Calls Friday afternoon were not returned.

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