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Police departments, civilians hanging onto ammo as supply continues to tighten

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By John Bailey By John Bailey

(KMOV.com) – An ammunition shortage has persisted for months, and police departments nation wide are taking notice.

A department in Minnesota was so short on ammo they asked for donations. In St. Louis, the shortage has been prevalent for some time, due partly to concerns over future gun control laws. With stricter laws being proposed, many gun owners are stocking up on ammunition in case it becomes more difficult to obtain in the future.

Additionally, the Department of Homeland Security has increased it’s order for ammunition in recent months, which has contributed to the low supply.

The DHS isn’t buying the same kind of ammunition as civilians, however because of the high demand created by the agency, manufacturers have been less focused on civilian ammunition and more focused on filling the increased  governmental orders.

In the St. Louis area, police departments say while they have enough ammunition currently, they are holding off on training exercises and other things that consume ammo until their new shipments come in.

Law enforcement wholesalers have been out of stock for more than six months, causing back orders and long waiting periods.

In the short term, while civilians are stockpiling ammunition, police departments are being conservative, working to hold on to bullets until supply ramps back up.  

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