Businesses side-step disposal fees, illegally dump tires through -

Businesses side-step disposal fees, illegally dump tires throughout Metro-East

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

 (KMOV) – The State of Illinois is being forced to pay to clean up after tire business are illegally dumping in Metro-East neighborhoods. 

Several tons of tires, junk have been dumped in a Washington Park neighborhood and authorities say it’s called “fly-dumping.” Trucks sneak into the neighborhoods in the middle of the night and unload the junk. 
The Illinois EPA says it’s hard to catch these criminals.
“They have a mark on them that tells us they’re from a business. This is a tire shop that’s made a mark on them to indicate there’s a problem with the tire.” Chris Cahnovsky of the Illinois EPA said. 
Time stores are dodging the disposal fee and taking the cheap way out by having the rubber dumped in abandoned lots. 
Cahnovsky says the normal fee for proper disposal of a truck tire is $5, for a car tire its $1-$1.50. 
Dumping more than 50 tires is a felony. The Illinois EPA can issue tickets to offenders who dump more than 50 tires which is a felony. The EPA also needs police to enforce the environmental laws. 
“Police have the authority to issue citation and issue tickets and arrest and confiscate the vehicles and equipment of the dumpsters,” Cahnovsky added. 
To help reduce the problem people are urged to call the police if they see any illegal dumping in their area. 

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