St. Louis prosecutor charges alleged dealer for drug-overdose de -

St. Louis prosecutor charges alleged dealer for drug-overdose death; first for Missouri

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

(KMOV) -- Missouri law is allowing those accused of selling drugs that lead to death to get away with their crime. 

Other states slap murder charges on drug dealers who allow people to overdose. 

But Missouri doesn’t and prosecutors tell News 4, that makes it much harder to put the bad guys behind bars.
St. Louis city prosecutors say in February, Stacey Davis sold heroin and cocaine to a woman at a drug house in the 2100 block of College Avenue. She passed out.
“They threw her into a cold shower; they gave a warm salt saline solution and injected her with that,” said Prosecutor Ed Postawko. 
But after reviving her, prosecutors allege Davis sold her drugs again. The victim died and her body was discarded and disguised under trash on an alley heap. 
“His actions were knowing and deliberate,” Postawko said. 
It’s a crime that prosecutors say should be considered murder.
But Missouri laws aren’t written that way.
The decision to charge Davis and possibly put him away for life was bold and very rare.
“People who are selling it know what it’s doing to the people that are buying it,” Postawko said. 
With drug deaths on the rise, prosecutors think Missouri’s laws should spell it out: knowingly cause an overdose and you'll get charged with murder.

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