Man armed with a hammer killed in violent road-rage incident in St. Louis -

Man armed with a hammer killed in violent road-rage incident in St. Louis

(KMOV) – A man was killed after he was involved in a violent road rage incident on Interstate 70 in north St. Louis Thursday afternoon.

Police said problems began on Interstate 70 shortly before 12 p.m. when a box-style truck allegedly cut off a Lincoln Navigator.

According to the police report,  43-year-old Darvin Wallace was driving the Navigator and began to follow the box-style truck as it continued to travel westbound on I-70.

The box-style truck, driven by an unidentified man, exited the interstate at Union Rd. with the Navigator still in pursuit.

As the truck traveled southbound on Union, both vehicles collided several times.

Police said both vehicles eventually stopped at the intersection of Margaretta and Union. That’s when Wallace grabbed a hammer and got out of the vehicle. 

Authorities said he began striking the box-style truck with the hammer several times and broke the passenger-side window.  Wallace then tried to hit the driver but lost his grip on the hammer.

Police said Wallace then went back to the truck and grabbed a maglite. Police said he approached the truck and hit the victim in the arm.

Authorities said the victim tried to drive away, but Wallace got back in his Navigator and continued to ram the truck.

Police said Wallace then got out of the Navigator again and approached the victim’s vehicle. He jumped onto the truck’s sidestep and continued pounding on the victim’s window.

Police said the driver of the box-style truck turned left onto Margaretta and tried shaking Wallace off the vehicle.

During the turn, Wallace fell off the truck and was accidentally run over by the driver.

He was transported to the hospital where he was pronounced dead around 5 p.m.

The victim sustained minor injuries to his right arm and was taken to the hospital for treatment.


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