Grainy photo shows murder suspects leaving scene of triple shooting -

Grainy photo shows murder suspects leaving scene of triple shooting

HOUSTON—Houston police released a grainy picture of what they said were three murder suspects in a getaway car.

Police said the driver circled the 6600 block of Westwick Drive Monday afternoon, as two men were inside a home killing a family.

The father, 40-year-old Hoai Vu, is in critical condition. His girlfriend, 29-year-old Lena Nguyen is dead. The man’s 10-year-old son Brandon is also dead.

“He was a good kid, he was really smart,” family friend Hoc Nguyen said. “I think he wanted to be a doctor, or some kind of medicine like that.”

The fourth grader’s friends at Mahanay Elementary could not make sense of it and neither could police.

“There’s just no reason at all that a 10-year-old child should be shot and killed,” HPD Sgt. Colin Howard said.

Howard said neighbors heard shots come from the home and even saw men leave the scene, yet not one of them called 911, or offered specific details.

“We just have a general description of the suspects,” Sgt. Howard said. “And really the only description are black males.”

That could make solving the case difficult. Though detectives believe the shootings are related to drugs, they are not saying how. 

Vu’s 14-year-old son, who was returning home from school, found the bodies Monday night. He ran to the home of his uncle, who called police.

Police said that was their first call for help and that it came nearly an hour and a half after the murders took place.

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