State senator kills vote that could impact 700 local liquor dist -

State senator kills vote that could impact 700 local liquor distribution jobs

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By Sarah Heath By Sarah Heath

 (KMOV) – A fight over liquor and who has the right to distribute it is being fought in Jefferson City with hundreds of jobs on the line.

Republican State Senator, Kurt Schaeffer of Columbia says this bill goes against a recent court decision and is squarely against the consumer.

Senator Schaeffer filibustered for over two hours in the Senate on Tuesday to stop any vote on the bill.

The bill, which was already passed in the House, tries to restore an old law in Missouri that secures a place for liquor distributors in the state and seals off out-of-state companies.

One company that would benefit from the law, Major Brands, employs nearly 700 in Missouri with 250 in St. Louis.

The company’s CEO Sue McCullom tells News 4’s Matt Sczesny any attempts at killing a vote could put her company out of business.

“We need this issue to get voted on, we need the senate to vote for these people to save jobs across the state of Missouri. “

When asked why the jobs would be lost if the law is not voted on, the CEO added “ these jobs will be lost because if this issue isn’t voted on today (Tuesday) then the senate will in effect be favoring out-of-state companies over Missouri companies”

Schaeffer said “I don’t see that because I don’t see liquor consumption dropping off at all and as long as that doesn’t happen you won’t see a loss by anyone in that industry.”

He flatly denied he was being lobbied hard by out-of-state distributors who are just waiting for the chance to jump in and do business in Missouri.

On Tuesday he killed any vote on the bill and says he will kill it again if it comes up before the end of the session on Friday. 

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