St. Charles County residents claim developer misled them over MoDOT project -

St. Charles County residents claim developer misled them over MoDOT project

( -- Homeowners in a new St. Charles County development say they were promised a sound wall would be buily to keep the noise of a new highway out of their neighborhood.

Tuesday, they say they have been mislead.

“It was very vocal that there would be a sound wall,” said resident Fran Nowling.

Nowling and her husband built a home in Columbus Pointe in Cottleville just a couple of years ago.

“Building here we knew there was going to be a highway, but the info we were given when we moved in was deceiving.”

MoDOT says sound abatement of any kind has never been part of the plan for the new highway.

“We never told a developer or municipality that a sound wall was going to be built through here,” said engineer Tom Evers. “That was never conveyed to them.”

Nowling and several other homeowners say developers McBride and Sons told them just the opposite.

The company denies it their claims, and said in a statement , “All purchasers in Columbus Pointe were clearly notified and McBride made no respresentations regarding a sound wall.”

Nowling said the wall wasn’t all that was promised.

“When my concerns were for the eyesore of the soundwall they explained that they would make it lined with trees that they would make it pretty,” she said.

There are no trees and no soundwall, but there will be a four lane highway in their back yards.

“I feel like we were deceived by McBride and they should take that responsibility, especially since there were several homeowners that were told the exact same thing.”

This issue has a lot of people talking. On the City of Cottleville’s Facebook page, several homeowners say they were promised a soundwall.

The city says it can’t force MoDOT to put them up, so some residents are now appealing to city officials to pitch in and pay for sound walls.

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