Patients lining up for new chin implants -

Patients lining up for new chin implants

HOUSTON -- Breast implants are popular in the world of plastic surgery, but a new kind of implant has mostly women, from teens to grandmas, lining up at plastic surgeons’ offices.

It’s something small, but patients and plastic surgeons alike say it can make all the difference in redefining face shape.

Diana Perez wanted one to enhance her profile.

“Being in real estate, you’re self-conscious, you know,” says Perez. “It’s all about image.”

But she’s doesn’t want a nose job. Instead, Diana’s going under for something a little more subtle -- a chin implant.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons’ report says chin augmentations were the second most-popular type of implant performed in 2012.

Diana’s best friend even has one.

“Even though it looks pretty small, it’s going to give her just the right amount of profile plasty,” says Dr. Franklin Rose.

The doctor creates a small incision inside the patient’s mouth, making a pocket for it, before placing it inside and aligning it properly.  The entire process from start to finish takes only 30 to 40 minutes.

It’s a quick procedure with no visible scarring and lasting results.

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