Boeing announces hundreds of jobs are moving to St. Louis -

Boeing announces hundreds of jobs are moving to St. Louis

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By John Bailey By John Bailey

( -- Boeing says it is in the process of restructuring its Information Technology operations and as a result, will move an estimated 600 positions to St. Louis from Washington state.

A spokesperson for Boeing’s IT department said the company planned to eliminate some positions, while moving others to South Carolina and Missouri. 

The company is still assessing its needs and is in the process of identifying which employees would get offers to move.

But spokesperson Andrew Favreau said the company plans to hire new employees. The changes would begin taking effect later this year.

The St. Louis County Economic Council President Denny Coleman says the company first contacted the county back in March about the possibility of moving hundreds of IT positions to the metro.

Coleman said the region is making a strong push to attract more tech jobs, “You have other corporations here both downtown and the region that have moved IT operations here.  It’s obviously a talent cluster that we’re becoming known for.”

St. Louis is already home to Cortex, a non-profit, that develops local real estate and works to attract new bioscience and technology companies. 

One of those companies is called, Kypha.  The owners moved the company from Louisville, Kentucky to the Cortex district in St. Louis two years ago - enticed by state incentives, a local loan, and subsidies from the non-profit BioGenerator.

”Having 14 or 15 other start-up companies walking by, rubbing shoulders, talking in the halls, talking in the lunchrooms... that’s really a big deal,” explained Kypha’s Chad Stiening.

 Stiening says the effect is magnetic.  Once a few start-ups are drawn to a region, more consider a similar move. 

Stiening, who has roots in the metro, says part of the draw was the low cost of living for employees.
”A lot of times, folks in the Midwest will try to gloss over that because they think that’s what people will think of as the Midwest.  You go to the coasts to start a company, you come to the Midwest to raise a family.  I think that’s a huge asset we should capitalize on,” said Stiening.

Kypha moved to St. Louis with four employees but have hired four more, all locals.  Stiening says the company is now working on two more “spin-offs”, new start-ups in St. Louis.

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