Career criminal caught breaking into St. Louis County home days -

Career criminal caught breaking into St. Louis County home days after jail release

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By Sarah Heath By Sarah Heath

(KMOV) -- A woman scared for her life managed to escape from her house in St. Louis County after three men broke inside Thursday afternoon.

Police in Pine Lawn have four men in custody for that home invasion. News 4 has learned at least one of the suspects is a known burglar who was released from jail just last week after allegedly breaking into a house in Jennings.

Tasha Walker was in her basement when she says the three men got in using her back door upstairs. 
She said,  "So I kept hearing them moving around and so I peeked out of my bedroom door to see if I saw anybody and I ran past them outside next door."
She then called 911. A minute later police showed up and saw the suspects trying to get away with the victims flat screen TV. 
Officers chased the bad guys catching one of them right away. That suspect led police to the others along with a gun and more stolen merchandise.
"There’s no telling what could’ve happened to me if I was still in the house.  I think he needs to stay in jail.  There’s no point in letting him out if he's just going to keep doing this over and over again,” Walker added. 
Walker and other residents in Pine Lawn say they hope this career criminal stays in jail longer. Right now all four suspects including 1 juvenile are being held on a 24-hour hold until charges are filed.

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