Brentwood parents want new crossing guard after concern over dangerous intersection -

Brentwood parents want new crossing guard after concern over dangerous intersection

( – The Brentwood School District is moving toward hiring a crossing guard for an intersection after parents and school officials noted the morning commute poses a danger to walking students.

Brentwood Middle School is on White Avenue west of Brentwood Boulevard. During morning rush hour, the intersection of White and Brentwood is extremely busy. Part of the cause is that Brentwood Boulevard serves as a major thoroughfare to Clayton, Interstate 170 and Highway 40. Another cause is the fact that a coffee shop and dry cleaners are located on the corners of the intersection, and a lot of morning commuters are trying to access them.

According to district officials, about 80 students walk to school. There is an electronic crosswalk signal at the intersection, but both parents and school staffers have observed what they deemed “troubling driving behavior” during the busy commute.

Concerns were raised through the PTO, which the school then took to the police department. As the morning commute is extremely busy for officers, the department could not spare an extra patrol car for the intersection.

Parents then took concerns to the Board of Aldermen, who agreed to manage the hiring and training of an additional crossing guard.

The district will reimburse the city for the salary and benefits of the employee. Since the intersection is only busy in the morning, it’s expected the guard would only work about an hour a day. This puts the cost of the employee around $2,000 per year.

The position would only be filled during the school year, and will start in the fall semester.

Brentwood city officials have posted the position on their website.

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