Cameras able to collect personal info to be placed along St. Lou -

Cameras able to collect personal info to be placed along St. Louis streets

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By Sarah Heath By Sarah Heath

 (KMOV)-- More surveillance cameras watching your every move in St. Louis. News 4 has learned those cameras are now able to collect some of your personal information by recording your license plate.

“I think it would be great. It really would improve the neighborhood and make us feel safer,” says Polly Hammond, a north St. Louis resident. Cameras that'll do a lot more than just record what’s happening.

Now commit a crime and try to get away, your license plate will be recorded and police will find you.
Marion Cody, another north city resident says, "I think that’s a great idea especially with hit and runs.  Lots of people are hitting cars and then just taking off." 
In parts of north St. Louis, hit and runs are a major problem. For some residents though it’s the violent crimes that scare them even more. “I go to sleep hearing sirens and I wake up with them,” says Hammond.
At least seven new cameras are going up. Three mobile ones that can be moved from one neighborhood to another and four along areas of Natural Bridge that will be able to read license plates.
21st ward alderman Antonio French says, “What these cameras do is act like a force multiplier and allows police to be in multiple places at once." Cameras just like these are already in several police cars throughout the city and have proven successful. While many say the more cameras the better some are skeptical.  However, since these cameras went up homicides have dropped nearly 80-percent.

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