Caseyville police chief charged with official misconduct -

Caseyville police chief charged with official misconduct

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By Sarah Heath By Sarah Heath
By Sarah Heath By Sarah Heath

CASEYVILLE, Ill.—The police chief in Caseyville has been charged with two felonies, both alleging official misconduct.

Caseyville Chief J.D. Roth is accused of using a vehicle seized by police for his own personal use. State's Attorney Brendan Kelly told the Caseyville Mayor that Roth needed to be kept away from criminal investigations because his lack of credibility would hurt cases.

In response, the Chief was suspended in March. 

City officials said Police Chief J.D. Roth did not sell the pickup truck at auction, as directed by state law.

Village records show that Roth instead drove the 2003 Dodge Ram 65,000 miles for personal use and charged the village more than $6,000 for maintenance.

In addition to using the car seized by police, Roth is also charged with taking luggage purchased by the Village and using it for personal travel. 

Roth is expected to be arraigned on Thursday. Bond is set at $40,000

Click here to view the charging documents for this case. 

Roth is just the latest in a series  of cops facing criminal charges for allegedly committing crimes while they were supposed to be upholding the law.

Officers from Fairview Heights to East St. Louis have been prosecuted.The highest profile cases so far are from the small village of Alorton, where the Mayor got prison time. And, former Alorton and East St. Louis Police Chief Michael Baxton was also sentenced to prison after he pleaded guilty to stealing what he thought was police evidence. Instead, It was part of a federal sting operation. 



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