Bridgeton businesses near landfill asking for relocation during -

Bridgeton businesses near landfill asking for relocation during upcoming work

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By John Bailey By John Bailey

( – Residents living near the Bridgeton landfill have been offered temporary housing as the company who owns the landfill performs work to reduce the smell. This work, which will take a month, will likely make the smell worse, and people living nearby will be provided free hotels during the work.

Nearby businesses, however, are left behind to deal with the stench. Employees near the landfill have suffered from headaches, burning eyes and nausea.

Adamo’s Pizza is just a short drive from the Bridgeton landfill. Workers and customers there have had to endure the stench from the landfill for the last year.

“We have not been offered anything or informed about it,” said manager Nick Hurlbut. “We did have to sign a waiver saying that we acknowledge it was going to happen.”

Republic Services wouldn’t make anyone available for an interview but a spokesman told News 4 the residents offered a hotel stay are the ones closest to the landfill and who monitoring shows have suffered the most.

If the company didn’t offer relocation to business because it thought none could move, they’re wrong

“Like during tax season we had to work late at night and it seems like pretty much they let it rip at night,” said Ron Whitely who runs a tax service. “It was just unbearable.”

Whitely said he reached out to the company to see if they company could get relocated until the work is taken care of, but has not heard back.

A spokesman for republic services says the relocation is part of an agreement with the State Attorney General’s Office and only covers residents. He said the company says it’s willing to talk with businesses.

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