Perron on Quick: Were both trying to do our jobs -

Perron on Quick: Were both trying to do our jobs

(HockeyStL) -- There’s a good chance that in the middle of every scuffle in front of Los Angeles Kings goalie Jonathan Quick you will see David Perron getting whacked by a stick or receiving the stinky glove treatment.

It’s the way Perron wants it to be as he has seemingly become a fixture in the Kings’ crease.

“Even now he’s obviously frustrated that I’m going there, but at the same time we’re both trying to do our jobs,” Perron said. “There’s nothing more to that.”

Not usually known for his physical play, Perron has been in front of the Kings net all series longer with intentions that go deeper than to annoy Quick.

“I’m just going there, he’s an aggressive goalie and he wants to be out of the crease every shot,” Perron said. “I’m just trying to push him back a little more and if he feels like he has to be six inches or a foot behind to stand there, I mean I’m trying to do my job and hopefully it gets a better angle for our shooters.”

The spark that has brewed between he and Quick isn’t a personal one for Perron. It’s part of the game and it’s part of the playoffs.

“I’m trying to do my job,” Perron added. “When it’s all said and done I think he’s going to be doing the same and I think on both sides we’re just trying to do our job. I’m trying to get him distracted a little bit and I’m sure they’re trying to do the same for me. Like I said, the more you come at me the more it gets me involved. I don’t know if it’s doing the same for him, but it creates a fun playoff atmosphere.

The Blues will play the Kings tonight at 8 p.m. If you’re wondering where Perron is on the ice, just look in front of the Los Angeles net and Quick -- he’ll be there.

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