Residents fear kids' safety with location of shooting classes ne -

Residents fear kids' safety with location of shooting classes near baseball field

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By Sarah Heath By Sarah Heath

 (KMOV) –A St. Charles County gun shop owner has filed suit to keep his conceal and carry classes going even though a nearby baseball field has parents concerned. 

Mark Lamartina, a range and home safety officer, teaches conceal and carry classes at the New Melle Gun Shop but lately he has been fighting to even have the classes as the shop is next to a baseball field. 
“Every one of their arguments is based either on the misconception of a lie. It’s just too important to give this up,” Lamartina added. 
The problem is different depending on who you ask in the town of about 500 residents. Some say it’s obvious, just look at the building where they hold the shooting classes, just steps away from third base. 

Rita Clos says “Kids will be kids and curiosity might get them and then they will go over there. What has he done to protect those kids in that sense of the word?”  

Lamartina points out the guns are shot in the opposite direction with multiple barriers of protection all around the targets. 
“We have five inches of wood and steel to reinforce this here…” 
The subdivision on the other side of the property has now joined a suit against the gun store. Residents deferred News 4’s Emily Rau to their attorney for comment as did the Board for the Community Center. 
Lamartina says he knows how it looks and how it sounds but insists his son’s business is safe.  He adds that it’s also suffering from the city’s unfair treatment. 
“He was allowed to do it, then they told them not to do it, then he was allowed to do it again . I think the city is trying to protect themselves,” Clos stated.

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