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Enraged mother storms classroom to confront student at local elementary school

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By Sarah Heath By Sarah Heath

(KMOV) -- Concerned parents are scared for their kids’ safety after an enraged mom burst into a a local elementary school classroom to confront a first-grader.

The mother of that child is speaking out only to News 4.  She is concerned not only for her own kid, but for all the others at Bel-Nor Elementary in north St. Louis County.

“Because not only was my child in danger, she could came and do anything and there’s other kids in the classroom,” said the mom, who wanted to remain anonymous.

Administrators for the school district in Bel-Nor wouldn’t say much.

But they did confirm that two first-graders got into a fight at the school on Wednesday.

That’s not the problem: This mom says the actions of adults are terrifying.

One adult who nearly assaulted her child and the other, who, she claims, failed to keep her daughter safe.

“Right now, I don’t feel she’s safe and I’m worried each time she goes to school,” she said.

The mom asked to be anonymous because she is so concerned for her child’s safety after what happened at Bel-Nor Elementary.

“This is something that could have been avoided,” she said.

On Thursday, her child was nearly attacked by an angry mother of another child.

Teachers told her the mom first made a threat of violence by phone, and then showed up during drop-off, pushing past school personnel, and into a classroom, yelling and cursing.

“She was allowed to enter that building and get that far, she could have done any kind of bodily harm to my child,” the mom told News 4.

After she filed a report, the other mom was arrested by Bel-Nor Police.

But this mother says she’s shocked the school doesn’t have security guards or that cops weren’t called.

School doors were locked when News 4’s Lauren Trager arrived.

At district headquarters, officials wouldn’t talk to News 4 about what happened...

“So we can’t even in general talk about safety or security today? Not today, not today.”

But this mom says she was told it’s not the first time it’s happened. The principal, she said, has been asking for more security for a long time.

“Hopefully this will open up their eyes,” the mom said.

She hopes the situation isn’t worse, the next time.

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