News 4 captures repeat DUI offender driving erratically without -

News 4 captures repeat DUI offender driving erratically without license

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By Sarah Heath By Sarah Heath
By Sarah Heath By Sarah Heath
By Sarah Heath By Sarah Heath

(KMOV) – After hearing from viewers about a convicted felon with a long criminal past, News 4 looked into it and found cameras footage that captured him driving a motorcycle with a revoked license.

Last year, Bob Carlton said he paid Jacob Just $3,000 to replace his roof. Carlton said Just took his check, but did nothing. 

“It’s been nothing but lies this whole time,” Carlton said.

Kirby Shouse also hired Just, but said the thing was a debacle. 

Not only does Just run a shady construction business, he’s got a shady past.

Some of his past charges include passing a bad check conviction, stealing a car, resisting arrest, marijuana possession, receiving stolen property, four DWIs, boating while intoxicated and driving while revoked. But none of that has kept Just off the roads. 

With plenty of eyewitness accounts, News 4’s Chris Nagus wanted to see Just in action. 

So Carlton arranged a meeting with Just to get paid back. Shockingly, Just gave him a partial refund.

He then  jumped on a motorcycle and blew through a four-way intersection. 

News 4 caught Just on tape driving like a maniac. He first turned onto Page zigzagging in traffic. He eventually merged onto Lindbergh, where he was driving so erratically and so fast News 4 crews lost him. St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch saw the tape and said his office was very concerned. 

McCulloch said Just falls into a dangerous category: offenders with three or more DWI’s with revoked licenses. He said he’s the type of person likely to keep driving despite his convictions and despite being barred from getting behind the wheel. 

Just was up for probation revocation after getting his fourth DWI. After that he got arrested again for driving with a revoked license.


But against the objections of the Prosecutor’s office, Just’s case got continued again and again until April 26 when he blew off his court appearance.  That led to a warrant being obtained for his arrest.

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